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Q1. What can a professional coach do for me?
A professional coach is somebody who will support you get from where you are now to where you want to be, whether that be in your business or your personal life!

How do you do that I hear you say?

Well we will work together and explore your business/life situation now and look at all other options that can get you the business/life you have only dreamt about.
A coach will encourage, support and provide you with accountability for all your actions.

Q2. Will my coach tell me how take action and will I have to do things that I feel uncomfortable about?
Of course not coaching is about you and you make all the decisions whilst I encourage and support you along the way.

Q3. How is coaching different from therapy?
Therapists and counsellors will look at the past for answers whereas a professional coach deals with the here and now and looks to the future.

Q4.How long do the coaching sessions last?
A coaching session will last approx 1hour.

Q5. How often can you have the coaching sessions?
Ideally you want to be aiming for once a week or every fortnight if you are looking to reap the rewards sooner.
However we can do sessions monthly if you so wish!

Q6. How much does the coaching session cost?
Each session will cost £90.00

Q7. Are the coaching sessions confidential?
100% confidential, in order for you to gain the maximum benefit from the coaching sessions you must be honest with both yourself and the coach and when the session has ended the information discussed is kept completely confidential!

Q8. What topics would we cover?
If it is business coaching we will look at all aspects of business life i.e. Staffing, accounts, marketing etc and if it is life coaching we will look at all life aspects i.e. Career, health, relationships, friends, family.



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