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The Coaching came at a very timely point for me. Looking at my diary for August it was empty and I had hit a low in progressing my business. The coaching really helped me to focus on what I really needed to do, rather than being overwhelmed with the overall picture.
Catherine. Business owner.

My first impression of Rachael (before I knew she was a coach) was friendly & helpful. This continued during our sessions. Rachael put me at ease with her lovely personality, while maintaining her professional role of coach. This helped me to open up to her, which in turn enabled her to create a better picture of me. Her coaching was invaluable and I would happily recommend her!
Maureen. House wife.

Rachael at Excel Coaching is extremely professional whilst still being friendly and approachable. She is able to put you at ease meaning that you get the most out of your training.
I was apprehensive of using the services of a coach as I didn't know what to expect however very soon into the training I began to see the benefits and the positive impact on my business.
As a busy business owner it is often difficult to set time aside to work on your business however I would definitely recommend taking the time out with Rachael.
August 21, 2012
Dawn Houghton.



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